Stay on Aman Sveti Stefan island

Wondrous luxury resort in Montenegro

Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro looks like an idyllic coastal city on a small island on the coast. It’s actually a luxurious tourist resort, including a casino and much more. It’s 1,46 hectare in size.

Opinions are divided when it comes to Aman Sveti Stefan, but it’s undeniable that the island looks beautiful and really offers the typical atmosphere of the Adriatic Sea. The rooms are very luxurious, the beaches around the island excellent and the water is warm.

Some people are less enthusiastic and say it’s a very touristy place. It is, but it’s so much prettier than all those other tourist high-rises, say others.

Fact is, Aman Sveti Stefan is worth a visit to see if for yourself and form your own opinion. It’s not a cheap place to stay, but look out for good deals on their website.

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