Whale watching in Baja California

An excellent location to see gray whales up-close

Seeing whales in Baja California can usually be strikingly close. The gray whales are often relaxed and even come to watch the tourists in Mexico.

The Sea of Cortez (another name for the Gulf of California) is a well-known location where baby whales are born. The best time to see them is between January and March.

Having an unprecedented encounter with curious whales. That's what Baja California in Mexico is known for. The waters are extremely rich in whales, especially the gray whale. These tours are done by boat.

Whale watching tour

In Baja California it happens often that a group of gray whales are curious for boats with tourists. The animals like to be touched and even do follow the boat for a while.

Also in Baja California you have a chance can of seeing a gray whale mother and her young. Both are normally very relaxed and often interested. The colossal animals even enjoy touching. It is a very special experience.

A close up with a gray whale.

Best time for whales in Baja California?

The best time is from January to March, but in fact you have a good chance to meet these mighty animals in Baja California any time.

How to book a whale watching tour in Baja California?

The more famous (read: busier with tourists) areas are  Laguna Guerrero Negro and Laguna Ojo de Liebre. The lesser-known Laguna San Ignacio is more remote, and the whales are particularly interested in tourists here.

More information: discoverbajacalifornia.com

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