Swimming in Cenote Samula

Extraordinary Cave in Mexico with Crystal Clear Water

The underground cenote Samula is one of thousands in Yucatán in Mexico. This cave is most well-known for its eight-metre-long tree trunks that hang down in the sunlight. And you can go for a lovely swim.

Cenotes are a known phenomenon in Mexico, and especially on the Yucatán peninsula. A cenote is a cave that is filled with water, most of which have opening that lets the daylight in. This special natural lighting makes them a favourite site for photographers, though the light changes in these locations by the minute.

This particular cenote is famous because it’s such a lovely place for swimming, the perfect way to immerse yourself in this natural phenomenon. It can get busy here, so try and come early in the morning.

Over 3.000 Cenotes

In the Yucatán region you can find are about 3000 cenotes. Only 1400 of those have been mapped. The Maya people believed they offered a way to communicate with the gods of the underworld. You can try it yourself.

Location of Cenote Samula

Samula is one of the cenotes where you can swim. It is a unique way to experience this natural wonder. It can get busy, so try to come early in the morning. You will find Cenote Samula near the city of Valladolid. You can find this popular cave 7 kilometers from the city.

From Valladolid you can book several tours for Cenote Samula. But, you'll visit the cenote with a group. it is better to have a rental car so that you can visit the Samula by yourself. So you can avoid those groups.

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