Baja California

Rugged desert area with mountains, but mostly known for its whales

Baja California is a large peninsula in Mexico. It's most famous for the whales that migrate along the coast, but the rest of it is also worth a visit.

The most famous part of the Baja California peninsula are its islands, with beautiful names such as Ãngel de la Guardia, San Lorenzo, Cedros and the remote Guadalupe. The islands are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It's a rugged, dry, mountainous area. Its highest mountain is the Pico del Diablo with 3.078 metres.

Travelling to Baja California

You can fly to, for example, La Paz or San Jose del Cabo. From there you can easily take a rental car and explore the peninsula. The roads to the south of the peninsula are nice to drive. With a different view of the blue sea every time.

Driving in Baja California.

The whales of Baja California

Baja California is most famous for gentle whales. The rare gray whale is most frequently seen. You can only see this animal in a few places. You can book all kinds of tours to watch the animals in an animal friendly way.

Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is one of the best places for snorkeling, according to experts. And to dive. If you walk around the village you will see numerous providers of excursions for snorkeling and diving. It is best to take a tour that takes you past several places. So that you get a good idea of the diversity.

You also have a good chance of encountering dolphins. And sea lions, who come here to rest on the rocks. You also often see the animals in the water. They are often very curious about the boat and you. Which sometimes makes them very close.

At some snorkeling spots you have a high chance of sea turtles. Ask for it if you want to book an excursion. So you can meet these roguish animals. Which is always a highlight of snorkeling.

The islands

But the islands are also worth visiting. Most of them have beautiful names such as Angel de la Guardia, San Lorenzo, Cedros and the remote Guadalupe. The islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The reason for this is that they have a special flora.

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