Agua Azul

Take a dive in the blue waters of the Agua Azul cascades

Agua Azul is a series of waterfalls in the state of Chiapas in Mexico. It is a sequence of waterfalls with azure blue water.It has several pools to swim.

In the Mexican rainforest you'll find Agua Azul. It's a cascading waterfall that thunders down the rocks, into brightly coloured pools. It is perfect for swimming. 

Hiking and swimming

Agua Azul is a wonderful place to spend the day. In the lower part the warm water is just wonderful. You can find some  short hiking trails that are fun to explore. Where you discover a different part of the waterfalls every time. 

The beauty of Agua Azul.

Best time for Agua Azul

You can visit the waterfalls any time of day. In the dry season the water is usually blue, and in the wet season the rain discolours the waterfalls so it’s a bit more murky, but there is more water in the falls.

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