Untouched rainforest full of wildlife and adventure

Guyana is on a few travelers' lists. This is a shame because the country has a remarkable amount of untouched rainforest. It also has numerous similarities with neighbouring Suriname. Although it is slightly different.

You rarely hear anything about Guyana. This country is one of the least visited countries in South America. A shame as it has a number of attractions that are different from other South American countries. Including waterfalls as a part of the immense Roraima.

The country developed itself similarly to its neighbour Suriname. After the abolition of slavery, the country slowly continues to develop. In 1966 it gained independence from England.

The Guyana Shield is the most famous highlight after Kaieteur Falls, an immense rainforest waterfall. And yes, a trip to this country is very adventurous.

All 1 Bucket List Tips in Guyana