Suriname offers a wonderful mix of culture and nature

Suriname stands for adventure. You won't notice this so much in Paramaribo, but once you leave the cities and towns you'll come face-to-face with the rainforest, rising up like a green wall. It's part of the famous Amazon.  

Suriname is South America through and through, but with its very own flavour. Paramaribo is great for wandering around, it’s a unique city with interesting architecture and friendly people. And the Amazon is home to many animals, as well as to different groups of indigenous people. Suriname is where culture and nature meet, time and time again.

Especially the Central Suriname Nature Reserve in the heart of the country shows the rainforest’s many riches. If you travel here you will see how humans can live in harmony with nature. Though their ancestors were driven to living in the rainforest to escape the Dutch slave drivers, these descendants now live in peace in the rainforest.

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