French Guiana

A country where real adventure awaits you

French Guiana is a relatively unknown country where various Indian tribes still live in the everywhere present rainforest. It is minimally developed for tourism; a journey here is another adventure.

French Guiana is still Indian territory. In this country tribes still live with beautiful names such as the Kalinja, Wayana, Oyampi, Trio and Lokono. It is certainly not a popular place for tourists. But it is still an interesting country, especially because you don't see many tourists.

French Guiana is a French overseas department, so you will see a mix of South American and European cultures. It is also called a little piece of France in South America. Here too the most visited sights of French Guiana.


Cayenne is the country's vibrant capital. Including Fort Cépérou, which was built by the French. You will find a mix of a colonial atmosphere and a striking amount of colours here.

Devil’s Island

The Devil's Island is the smallest and most northerly island of the Îles du Salut. These are located off the coast at Kourou. It was once a notorious penal colony of the French. Much of the ruins are still standing.

Kourou Space Centre

The Kourou Space Center is a space station. Rockets from, among others, ESA (European Space Agency) and Arianespace (France) are launched here.

La Mère

The Ilet la Mere is an island known as a nature reserve. With several hiking trails to explore the island. With many monkeys including roguish capuchin monkeys.

The country is located to the east of Suriname and is further surrounded by Brazil. It is located on the coast, so you can also experience Caribbean influences.

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