Bun J Ride Tignes

The Winter Bungyjump in the French Alps

The Bun J Ride is a famous winter sports bungee jump in the town of Tignes in France. This attraction is a special combination of bungee jumping, ski jumping and ziplining. But then in the snow in the French Alps.

The name is of course a reference to the bungy jump. Where you jump into the depths hanging by a rope. The Bun J Ride is one of the many variants, but a special one. Its been around since 2014 and is getting more popular by the year.

You can go down the ramp on skis, snowboard, sled or other means. The ramp is 30 meters long, after which you jump into a hole of about 40 meters. You can only do this in winter.

The ski jump from above. ©Andy Parant

How Does the Bun J Ride work?

You arrive on your skis or snowboard. Although you can also go down on a sled, if you want. You will be guided by cables. Logically, you will receive safety instructions in advance. And you will be hoisted into the special harness. You make speed on the ski jump, after which you fly in the air. Two special cables keep you suspended in the air, just like a bungee jump. When you finally hang still, the cables are extended and you can continue skiing at your leisure in this popular winter sports area.

On the way to the ski jump. ©Andy Parant

The construction allows you to perform acrobatic feats. Many winter sports enthusiasts make the most beautiful jumps, such as a rollover and more. Ask for the possibilities on site. The people who work there can give you the best tips. You can also watch videos on the spot of how other daredevils take the ski jump.

Want to Bungeejump Yourself?

This adrenaline-boosting jump can now be done in countless places, but it is best known for the first commercial bungee jumps in New Zealand. Not everyone knows that the first bungee jump comes from Vanuatu. See my article on the original bungee jump in Vanuatu.

The Location of the Bun J Ride

The Winter Bungyjump is located in Tignes in Savoie. The attraction is located at an altitude of 1,860 meters on the 'Lac' blue slope at the Merles ski lift. Tignes is a well-known area for winter sports. It is near Albertville, where the 1992 Winter Games were held.

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