Dog sledding in Lapland

Finnish Lapland is one of the best places to experience this

Dog sledding in Lapland is an animal lovers reams. A ride with huskies through the snow is an experience that you'll never forget. Especially in this fairy landscape in Finland.

Hit the snow with some huskies: you’re in charge of steering (and braking), and they’re in charge of the speed. The wind in your face, beautiful light on the horizon. Finnish Lapland is one of the best places to go dog sledding – the ultimate way to see this spectacular winter wonderland.

Decide in advance how long you’d to go sledding for, you can go for a few hours, but also for a few days. I recommend going for a few days, it might not be kind on the wallet, but you’ll get an unforgettable experience in return.

Two hour dog sledding tour

Dog sledding tours of one or two hours are most often booked. After arrival you'll get an explanation about the animals, and you usually  visit the husky farm. You can see how the animals live and you can meet them of course.

Including the puppies that have just been born. You can hug and hold these fluffy hairballs. Watch your stuff, because they are very curious and put their teeth into everything. They try to grab things and take them with you, such as shoelaces but also camera straps. It is great fun.

A husky with colourful eyes. ©Corno van den Berg

You will be assigned to a dog sled and you will receive an explanation about the most important thins; the brake. Steering makes little sense, only the brake is very important. In other words, how do you slow down animals that want to run all the time?

As soon as you get on the sled, the dogs think they can go wild. And you already have to put your feet on the special brake, otherwise you will be gone.

Many visitors say afterwards: This could have taken much longer. This excursion is perhaps the best way to experience the beautiful landscape of Finnish Lapland. Keep this in mind if you want to book this excursion. In other words, do not book the dog sledding trip too short, even though it is not cheap.

Dog sledding tour for several days

I recommend taking the huskies out for several days. Even if it is not a cheap excursion. But a longer trip is definitely worth it. The reason is this: When the first day is over, you can help feed the animals. In other words, you detach them from the sled and tie them to a tree, for example. They still have enough space to walk and sleep. And yes, they like to sleep outside in the cold.

A dog sledding tour at sunset. ©Corno van den Berg

You are mostly allowed to give them food, so  you see how they eat it quickly. After a meal they often rest. Usually you can spend the night in a relaxing cabin, with a nice bed and even heating if necessary. You can hear dogs in the background.

You can help them in their harnas in the next morning. With a little luck you will have the same feeling that I had. They recognise you because you have fed them. So they accept you more, just a little bit. On ouwe way they even check every now and then to see if you are still there. Fabulous.

If you take a longer trip, you get the feeling that the locals have too. You will enjoy the peace and quiet in Lapland, listen to the wonderful sound of the dogs and nothing else. The impressive landscape is able to play a leading role.

Be aware!

Keep in mind that you are probably getting into a sled with someone else. So you can steer and you can sit and watch. Both have their charm. Steering gives you really the feeling of directing, encouraging the animals (although this is not really necessary) and having a sense of control.

Sitting in the sled  gives you a good look around. It is also easy to make photos and videos from that spot. It is just amazing to see how much the animals like to go out every time. In the first minutes the animals really get loose, but after a few minutes the group returns to calm. And it gets a rhythm that you can really enjoy. And you don't have to worry about anything.

A dog sledding tour in Lapland. ©Corno van den Berg

You can book a sledding trip in advance, but also while you are there. They provide warm clothes for you, so you’ll be snug as a bug in a rug.