Famous for its lake district and Lapland

Finland stands for thousands of lakes and Lapland. But also rugged landscapes and adventure. Great place to discover in numerous ways; per canoe, per dog sled or per ski. And definitely visit a typical Finnish sauna.

The country is mostly made up out of three kinds of landscapes: the coast, the huge lake district and Lapland. The coast with the capital Helsinki is developed and modern.

The vast lake district with its space and nature where tourists can literally lose themselves. It’s an ideal place for walking and hiking. But it’s also great for cycling, kayaking, camping and more. There is also a lot of wildlife to be spotted here.

Lapland is also a much-loved area that feeds people’s imagination: thick blankets of snow, reindeer, dog sleds and of course Santa Claus. It’s a forested area, and known for one of the Fins favourite past times: hitting the sauna. Part of Norway also belongs to Lapland, but the Fins don’t agree with this.

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