Cruise along the Dalmatian coast

The best way to see this Mediterranean coast is by boat

A cruise along the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia is a relaxing way to discover the coast. You have countless options such as a sailing boat, but also a ferry between the various islands. Or a small cruise ship.

It’s wonderfully relaxing to see the Croatian coast from the water. There are many options to do this: you can take a sail boat, a ferry or even a cruise ship.

The Dalmatian coast is perfect for a nice cruise, especially the part between Split and Dubrovnik and along the islands of Hvar and Korčula. You can see this if you take a ferry between the two cities, but a cruise north from Split also offers a nice and rugged scenery.

How long i a trip?

Most trips are one week. In which you usually sail between Split and Dubrovnik, visiting numerous islands. Especially along famous islands such as Hvar, Brac with the unique beach Zlatni Rat, as well as Korčula. While the city of Makarska is much less known, but here you will find the Biokovo Nature Park. This mountain lies along the coast and offers some of the best view of Croatia.

Various types of cruises along the Dalmatian Coast

You have several options to discover the Dalmatian Coast. You can go out for a day, but also for several days or a complete tour of a week.

Small cruise ship

The best way is a small cruise ship. There are about 30 people on board here and the ship slowly travels past the main attractions. The special thing is that you often sail during the day, even if this is only for a few hours. From the deck you can then enjoy the rugged landscape that's passing by.

The big advantage is that you can spend the evenings in the towns. The ship stays in the port, which means you can go to bed as late as you want. During the day there is usually a swimming stop in one of the many bays. So you can relax in the warm water. This trip usually lasts a week and starts in Split, where it ends again.

By ferry

The stretch between Split and Dubrovnik can be done well with a ferry. Numerous ferries run between the various islands as well as between the two cities. You can get on a boat and stay on an island for a day (or more) and move on. This can be done by car, by bicycle or on foot.

If you want to avoid the common popular route, you can also take the trip from Split to the north. It is also nice and rough and much less crowded with tourists. In summary: There is plenty of choice.

With a sailboat

You can of course also take a day trip (or several days) with a sailing boat. If your time is limited, you can board a sailing ship. These depart from Dubrovnik, Split as well as from Makarska.

A Mediterranean cruise

More and more Mediterranean cruises also dock in Croatia. This allows you to see the rocky coast well. But this is a short visit.They usually make a stop in Dubrovnik so you can discover the city. Enjoy the sun, take a splash and admire the coast as you slowly pass by.

Best time for a cruise

Spring is ideal for a cruise along the Dalmatian coast, as cities such as Dubrovnik and Split are not yet too busy. The water of the Mediterranean may be slightly less warm, but it is still very pleasant.

In the summer the water is warm, but you also encounter tourists everywhere. Which can be a bit too much of a good thing, especially in the cities. While it can also be well above thirty degrees during the day. In the autumn the weather is a bit quieter and it is very pleasant as well.

Be aware!

This part of Croatia is very popular. So you can always meet a lot of people as soon as you disembark. Unless you avoid the popular areas. Even in high summer you can easily get out of the hustle and bustle in Split when you leave the center. While you can walk along the coast in countless places, without it being too busy.