There is more to Croatia than sun and beaches

Croatia is becoming more and more popular. At first the beach lovers arrived. And even today, the many beaches of Croatia are wonderful to stay and relax.

History lovers soon followed. Meanwhile, hikers, lovers of Mediterranean cuisine and nature buffs have also discovered the country. And about anyone who loves just about everything and likes to visit new countries.

They love the wonderful mix of the Mediterranean climate, the rich history and good food. There is plenty to discover. The country has numerous attractions. You can vist Croatia several times without getting bored.

The diversity op Croatia

In addition, Croatia has famous national parks such as Plitvice and Krka. The country offers also many more less known natural areas. Where you will be almost alone.

I have visited many places on my travels through Croatia. In addition, I have done many excursions. Some were several hours long, others several days. Some tours were guided, others were not.

I think it is a wonderful way to travel. Especially in  Croatia. Discover for yourself or be taken by the hand. The choice is yours.

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