Anyone who visits Bonaire will see donkeys everywhere. They roam freely around the island, which is both a positive and a negative.

The number of donkeys has increased a lot in the last few years, because they don’t have any natural enemies here. Except for people in cars… but thankfully the Donkey Sanctuary offers them a new lease on life.

Typisch sfeerbeeld van Bonaire.
A typical Bonaire landscape. Bemep

The Spanish introduced these animals, and now they are a favourite attraction for many tourists. The sanctuary offers care for those animals that need attention, but they also castrate male donkeys to make sure their numbers don’t increase too much.

You’ll meet many donkeys at the sanctuary, and they’ll happily come and check you out, especially if you have a treat for them. And if you give them a pat, more and more will come over.

Visiting the Donkey Sanctuary isn’t just fun, but you’ll also learn a lot about these beautiful creatures. Though not everyone is as fond of them. You can also adopt one of them. The sanctuary is definitely worth a visit.

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