Animal Flower Cave

A wondrous cave full of weird 'flowers'

The Animal Flower Cave in Barbados is special. Admittedly, it's a bit of a weird name. But it is true. The flowers are sea anemones.

In this amazing sea cave you'll find very colourful anemones that inspired the name Animal Flower Cave. The view is also very impressive, as is its rugged setting, which is very different to the beaches.

Sea anemones are a kind of polychaete, an annelid sea worm, and they are incredibly colourful and move with the currents under water. A wave will fill up part of it, and then retreat. 

When there’s a storm, many sea anemones can be ripped from the bottom, which means sometimes there are only 5 left, and at other times you can see 50. 

Swimming in the Animal Flower Cave

You can actually swim in some of the deeper rock pools here, which have a view to write home about. Make sure you bring your swimsuit and dive straight in.

The view on the ocean of Animal Flower Cave.

The blowhole

Make sure you take a stroll along the coast when you’re here, where you can find a restaurant that serves fresh fish, amongst other things. The cliffs and rocks along the cost drop off into the ocean, where wild waves hit them with force. There is a blowhole where the sea water shoots straight up into the air.

The blowhole in the sea. ©Corno van den Berg

Visiting Animal Flower Cave

Animal Flower Cave is located on the most northern tip of Barbados.