Swimming with pigs at Pig Beach

A group of pigs swims out to sea every day to receive snacks

Swimming with pigs. Yes, it is possible in the Bahamas. The main attractions are sun, sea, beach and pigs. It is a wonderful excursion, perhaps one of the strangest in your life.

Many tourists are not expecting to see pigs swimming towards them when they're on a boat on the sea. But thanks to YouTube, these pigs are becoming quite famous. Meet the the swimming pigs of the Bahamas – you can literally meet them if you're there.

The wonderful swimming pigs

A close up of the swimming pigs at the Bahamas.
The Bahamas are an idyllic group of islands off the coast of the United States. The biggest attractions are the sun, sea, beaches and pigs.

A set of islands in the Bahamas, known as the Exuma islands, are home to these pigs, who like to go for a paddle in the clear Caribbean waters to go get a snack. The area has already been dubbed Pig Beach.
After their swim the pigs relax on the beach.

What does the swimming with pigs tour look like?

Ask on the spot for the possibilities to experience this. Where you also have to consider the health of the animals. For example, they are not allowed to receive sweets, but only natural food.

Always explicitly inform in advance what the help of a boat driver consists of. For example, if it is a boat to take you, ask what it costs. And whether it is back and forth, for example. So that you are well prepared on the road. Where you will not get into trouble.

Je kunt heerlijke foto’s maken op Pigs Beach op de Bahama’s.

The pigs are happily paddling towards you when your boat arrives. And you can hop into the water and join them if you wish. It’s a unique experience in the world, so ask locally about your options to see them.

Very popular trip

Keep in mind that this excursion has become very popular due to social media. The chance that you are alone has become minimal. Or you have to hit the road very early. Then you can be lucky. You might have the beach and pigs to yourself.