Blue Hole Bay in the Bahamas was for a long time known as the deepest underwater cave in the ocean, but now that title goes to the relatively unknown Dragon Hole in the South China Sea. That one is around 300 meters deep, and the famous Great Blue Hole in Belize is ‘only’ 108 meters deep.

But Dean’s Blue Hole is around 727 thousand square meters wide, making it an exciting place for divers. But also for those who like to snorkel, as this place attracts interesting fish and other creatures.

But it’s even a great place just for a swim, with quiet white beaches, lots of greenery and no buildings. And there’s a coral reef just off the beach as well.

Dean’s Blue Hole is just off Long Island, one of the many isles of the Bahamas. The underwater cave was recently elected one of the 77 world wonders in’s internet poll. This list also contains the Grand Canyon, for example.

And in this area you’d have interesting neighbours, Johnny Depp lives just up to the beach, and David Copperfield too. People like Bill Gates and Oprah have also been spotted here.

How do I get to Dean’s Blue Hole?

Dean’s Blue Hole is in a bay to the west of Clarence Town on Long Island.

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