Arikok National Park

Wonderful Nature Reserve on Aruba

Arikok National Park is a wonderful nature reserve in Aruba. It is perfect for hiking and you have the chance to meet wildlife. In addition, you will find plants that only occur in Aruba. Arikok covers about 20% of the island and is over 3,000 hectares in size. It offers beautiful landscapes; from rocks, and caves to bays with white sandy beaches. These are the attractions of Arikok National Park. In this article, I also list some excursions and tours, with or without a park ranger.

This park is easy to explore on your own. In one day you can wander through the lava landscape, discover special caves or marvel at original Indian petroglyphs. The secluded bays of Moro, Boca Prins and Dos Playa are very worthwhile for a picnic, for example.

Visitors Centre

You have to pay an entrance fee for this nature reserve. Which is used to maintain the park, but also the hiking trails, for example. In addition, it is used for educational programs and the protection of flora and fauna. In the visitor centre, you can learn more about the origins, the different landscapes and the plants and animals.

Hiking in Arikok National Park

Most visitors go hiking in the park. There are several hiking trails of different lengths. You can do all the hikes yourself as the routes are well-marked.

Conchi Natural Pool Trail (7,7 km)

This trail runs from the visitor centre to Conchi on the coast. It is a wonderful route that shows Arikok in all its glory. On the way, you will find many lizards and iguanas along the path. You can hear them when they shoot away, but if you are quiet you will see them quite well. The best time for this hike is early in the morning. You will also have the best chance of spotting animals.

Sabana Basora - Sero Jamanota (8,9 km)

This route starts in Sabana Basora, where you can walk straight into the park. The path goes up and down a bit. This route is especially popular with bird watchers. Here too, early morning is the best time to set off. It is also often still cool.

Wildlife in Arikok National Park

A green iguana on Aruba.

You will find a fair number of wild animals in the park. You will see mostly small lizards and larger green iguanas. There are also animals that only occur in Aruba. Think of the Aruban rattlesnake, the beautifully coloured Aruban lizard and the Aruban parakeet. You will also find the shoco, this is a subspecies of the burrowing owl. With a little luck, you can see these animals, especially if you go on a guided tour. The guides know a lot about the animals, although you have to be lucky to see them all.

Movie In The Park

Movie In The Park is organised monthly in the park. You can watch a movie in the open air under the stars on a Saturday night. With a nice drink. You can easily do this with your whole family. The movie night is free. Ask locally for the next performance. Be there on time so that you have a good place.

Accommodations around Arikok National Park

You can easily find accommodations to stay the night around the park. This gives you the opportunity to set off early the next day. Anyway, this part of Aruba is very beautiful. There is a choice of small hotels, cheap hostels and convenient apartments. You can easily book them online. Be there on time.

Prepare Your Trip

Temperatures can rise quickly in this part of Aruba. Especially in the sun, it is good to apply sunscreen, to have protective clothing and to have enough water with you. Take a little more than necessary so that you also have something to drink in case of adversity. Also, let other people know that you are going on the road. It is also useful to bring some food in your backpack.

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