Caribbean Island with lovely beaches

Aruba is famous for sun, sea and sand. The island has pleasant temperatures and warm seawater. But it is definitely different. This island is remarkably drier than many other Caribbean Islands. It is one of the things most tourists like about Aruba. 

For many travelers, the island is a place to relax on the golden beaches. Where you can get a cool drink at the various bars at the beach. Aruba is a delightful destination in the Caribbean.

In the evening you can stroll past restaurants. You'll smell the delicious smells of fish and seafood. Another attraction is the Aruba sunset. It is famous all over the world.

But Aruba has more things to do and see. It is possible to make various excursions on the island. Including safaris, but also snorkel tours. Where you get to see a striking number of fish. 

All 1 Bucket List Tips in Aruba