Caribbean Island with Lovely Beaches

Aruba is famous for sun, sea and sand. The island has pleasant temperatures and warm seawater. But it is definitely different. This island is remarkably drier than many other Caribbean Islands. It is one of the things most tourists like about Aruba. 

For many travellers, the island is a place to relax on the golden beaches. Where you can get a cool drink at the various bars at the beach. Aruba is a delightful destination in the Caribbean. In the evening you can stroll past restaurants. You'll smell the delicious smells of fish and seafood. You can drink from the tap in Aruba, they have one of the largest desalination plants in the world.


The capital Oranjestad.

The capital Oranjestad is often skipped, but it is fun to shop, have a drink and eat and to go out. You can also visit the fresh shops with, for example, fruit and vegetables and taste them. Here you will find various buildings in the typical architecture of the island. This one is quite exuberant with references to the Netherlands.


Sunset at Aruba.

Another attraction is the Aruba sunset. It is famous all over the world. Keep in mind that the sun sets in the west, so the best locations for a beautiful sunset are in the western part. If you want to see the sunrise, go to the east side of the island.

Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge.

In the northern part of the island you will find Natural Bridge. It is often visited and often photographed. Partly because of this, it can get busy. There is a parking lot and path for a good view, although it is not easy. Be careful when you go off the path, it can be slippery.

California Lighthouse

The famous California Lighthouse in the west of the island.

The California Lighthouse is a lighthouse in western Aruba. You have a good view over the coast and the sea, there are often tents where you can eat something tasty.

But Aruba has more things to do and see. It is possible to make various excursions on the island. Including safaris, but also snorkel tours. Where you get to see a striking number of fish. 

Accommodation on Aruba

It will not surprise you that you can book numerous hotels, hostels, luxury lodges and apartments on the island. The choice is large, as are the price differences. Many holiday homes are located by the sea and you can also book them yourself. They are often cheaper and therefore very worthwhile. Be there on time, otherwise, you pay the main prize.

View the nicest accommodations in the popular Palm-Eagle Beach, the capital Oranjestad or in the entire north of the island

Food & Drinks

Aruba's cuisine is very diverse, with influences from South America, the Caribbean and Europe. One of the most popular dishes is Stoba with goat meat and lots of vegetables. Other specialities you can try are Soppi di Pasca, or fresh fish soup with coconut milk. Another delicious fish dish is Funchi kun piska.

If you like fresh fish then mahi-mahi, red snapper and barracuda are a good choice. These come fresh from the sea and are rubbed with Creole spices. Pan Bati is my favourite, this is a kind of corn pancake that you get with the hot meal. The side dish is usually fried banana with lettuce, tomatoes or cucumber.

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