Mountainous Country with Many Monasteries and Cathedrals

Armenia is perfect to explore on your own accord. It’s remarkably mountainous and located in the south of the Caucasus ranges. It’s great for hiking, but the many monasteries and cathedrals are also worth to visit.

Armenia is on the rise. The mountainous country attracts more and more adventurers. But lovers of beautiful hikes can also indulge themselves here. In addition, Armenia has a particularly rich culture, including very old churches and cathedrals. You can still see that culture in many places.

Most travelers make a tour through Armenia. During which they visit various highlights. But what are the sights? I have tried to select some unique attractions for your tour. To which I also added some nice excursions.


The capital Yerevan is probably the place where your journey starts. It is also the most developed city in the country. With cozy restaurants, various museums and a striking number of parks. You will also find luxury shops there. The city is perfect for acclimatizing before heading into the country.

Temple of Garni

Temple of Garni in winter.

The Greco-Roman Temple of Garni is a remarkably well-preserved temple. Although it is actually a pagan temple, which is not based on the Bible or Greek mythology. The temple was built in the first century by King Tiridates I of Armenia, who wanted to show Armenian mythology. The location is very beautiful. You can also see the remains of a Roman bathhouse here. The Temple is located 25 kilometers from Yerevan.

Geghard Monastery

Geghard Monastery in Armenia.

The Geghard Monastery is located near the Temple of Garni. But this monastery is a bit more in the mountains. The mountain road to it is already beautiful. This early medieval monastery dates back to the 4th century.

Part of it the monastery is carved into the rocks, which you will see when you visit the monastery. You can enjoy hiking in the area and take pictures of the monastery and the mountains around it. It has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000.

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