Tatev Monastery

Monastery from the 9th Century

The ancient Tatev Monastery is one of the main tourist attractions in Armenia. It is still in remarkably good condition and is beautifully situated in the hills on the edge of a rock. The monastery is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The monastery was built in the 9th century in hills of Armenia. It is located near the gorge above the Voraton River. You can visit the monastery and also go for a nice walk in the area.

Access via Funicular

You can reach the Tatev Monastery (Tatev Monastery) by road, but also via one of the longest cable cars in the world. You bridge the 320-meter-deep Vorotan ravine and meanwhile, you fully enjoy the far-reaching view. The funicular was opened in 2010.

The cable car starts in the village of Halidzor and takes you to the village of Tatev. From the cable car, you have a good view of the entire monastery and the surrounding landscape. Once you arrive, you will see the monastery up close.

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Hike the Batev Trail

The Barev Trail is 4.5 kilometres long and passes the monastery. You have to climb 605 meters, which makes it one challenging hike. The best time for this hike is from April to November. The start is at the village of Tandzatap. Ask on-site for the possibilities.

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Tatev Viewpoint

Most pictures of the Tatev Monastery are taken at the Tatev viewpoint. This is located along the H45 road, about 200 meters from the monastery. Follow the road and you will automatically see the monastery on the rocks on your left.

Although there are more places to take beautiful pictures of the monastery and its surroundings. Take a walk around and you will see for yourself.

How to Get to Tatev Monastery?

The Tatev Monastery is at the end of one of longest cable cart rides in the world. It covers the 320-metre deep Vorotan ravine and you can enjoy the view as you glide upwards. You get an excellent view of the entire monastery as you approach it, and can see it up close once you get out.

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