White Desert Hotel

Spend the night in Antarctica’s only hotel

White Desert Hotel is the only hotel in Antarctica. You can fly here from Cape Town in the southern part of Africa in 5.5 hours, and you’ll land on the ice.

Your accommodation is in fibreglass domes, and you’ll meet many animals, including the largest of them all: the emperor penguin. 

This is the only hotel in Antarctica: White Desert. And it is only temporary. The White Desert Hotel is unique. You can only fly here from Cape Town in South Africa.

White Desert Hotel.

The rooms of White Desert Hotel

The rooms are luxurious, spherical cabins made from optical fiber. There is also the option to camp for one night on the ice. Obviously only when weather permits.

The beds for your night on Antarctica.

The White Desert Hotel beds are comfortable and made from bamboo, and snug animal skins will keep you warm. You’ll find all you need for a comfortable stay in your cabin, a shower, and a toilet.

The bathroom of White Desert Hotel.

Tours on the white continent

The excursions on offer are walks to ice caves, hiking, ice climbing, and skiing. It is all included in the prize.

An ice cave on Antarctica.

But the most important thing to see here is the wildlife. Different penguin species live here, but the most spectacular one is the emperor penguin. This is the largest penguin in the world and only lives in Antarctica.

A visit to the Emperor penguins.

Best time to visit the White Desert Hotel

The hotel is not open all year round – the harsh winters in Antarctica only allow for visits in November and December.

A tour to the penguins.

So what’s stopping you? Oh, perhaps the price tag: around 64,000 US dollars for eight nights, including return flight.

More information: www.white-desert.com 

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