Travelling to the seventh continent has become very easy. For a few years, there are flights from Australia. You can get to Antarctica and back in one single day.

Unique rotating seating system

They’ve come up with a special rotating seating system for the plane so that everyone on the flight gets to sit by a window for a part of the flight.

It’s a bit controversial, flying to the final frontier for just one day… It’s not exactly eco-friendly, and how much would you really get out of this ultimate luxury trip? It’s a fact that the views from the plane will be extraordinary, and exploring the icy landscape once you’ve landed will also be worth it. But would you do it? That’s of course up to you.

Fly or cruise to Antarctica

The flights embark from Australia. For many of us synonym to the other end of the world. Another catch is the price tag. These flights are extremely expensive. However, a cruise is also not cheap. And you might get seasick which can ruin your whole trip. Nonetheless, I would recommend going on a cruise. The experience is for more intense and you get more time to enjoy this part of the world.

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