Tundavala Gap

An amazing view over Angola

The Tundavala Gap in Angola is 2.200 meters high, and an ideal place for hiking. You’ll be rewarded with breath-taking views over large parts of Angola at the top.

It is easy accessible, but you’ll have to hike all the way up. There is a viewpoint in the rim to see the lovely landscape. It is a nice reward after the hike up.

Local name is Fenda da Tundavala

The local name is Fenda da Tundavala in Portuguese, but it is also known as Tunda Vala. If you mention Tundavala most people know the place and can help you travel to it.

How to get to Tundavala Gap

The Tundavala Gap is about 20 kilometers north-west of Lubango, and you can drive to the bottom of the mountain. 

Best time to visit

Tundavala Gap can be visited all year. It can get hot, so it's best to hike to the viewpoint in the morning. It's also better for photos, because in the afternoon there can be a blue haze. Which makes photos less interesting.