Kalandula Falls

They are some of the largest waterfalls of Africa

Kalandula Falls is an impressive sight in Angola. This waterfall is 105 meters high and 400 meters wide, making it one of the largest water falls in Africa. The setting is both majestic and dramatic, although you have to plan your visit well.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Kalendula is in the wet season between May and September. The volume of the waterfall is at its strongest and you'll be amazed. Go early in the morning, which is perfect for photos. The sunlight is soft and you won't see too much other tourists.

Local name is Quedas de Kalandula

The local name is Quedas de Kalandula, given by the Portuguese. They ruled in Angola for a long time. So if you ask arounds you can use this name best. Although Kalandula Falls is becoming more and more famous, and for a good reason. You'll see it yourself when you visit Kalandula Falls.