Hidden Gem as a Lesser-Known Travel Destination

Albania is one of the lesser known countries in Europe. Touring here is like stepping back in time. Discover its mountains, coast lines and numerous historic buildings from the country’s rich past. A round trip is a real adventure.

The country of Albania is perfect to discover on your own. This mountainous country has great diversity. Think mountains for hiking, crystal clear rivers and ancient villages. These are the most beautiful sights in Albania. I also added a number of interesting tours so that you can properly prepare your trip to the country.


The National Historical Museum in Tirana, Albania.

The capital Tirana is remarkably modern. Skanderbergplein is very worthwhile. Skanderberg is the national hero in Albania. Those who want to learn more about the country's past can visit the National Historical Museum. The Et'hem Bey Mosque is also beautiful.

BUNK’ART 1 and 2

The most interesting museum is BUNK'ART. It is located in a former bunker complex, which was built during the Cold War. It is already impressive upon entering. Part is built into the rocks. The museum shows the turbulent history of the country. In particular, the period from 1939 to independence until 1990. The museum is located just outside Tirana.

The impressive BUNK'ART museum in Tirana.

Recently there is also a BUNK'ART 2 Museum, which is located in the middle of the city. This museum shows what life was like during the Cold War. And how people were monitored. And worse. For example, you can see photos of people who died under suspicious circumstances.

Dajti National Park

The cable car of Dajti National Park.

Mount Dajti takes you to an altitude of 1,613 meters. It is a large nature reserve that is perfect for hiking. You can reach the top by cable car. The park has a visitor centre where you can get information about walks, for example. To be honest it can get quite busy and I think Albania has nicer nature areas.

Syri I Kalter of Blue Eye

Syri I Kalter of Blue Eye in Albanië.

The wonderful Syri I Kalter is definitely worth a stop. In this freshwater source, mineral water emerges under high pressure. The water is crystal clear and an unprecedented blue. The spring, which has already been nicknamed the Blue Eye, is more than 50 meters deep. Although it is not known how deep it really is. You will find Syri I Kalter near Sarandë on the Mediterranean Sea.


A Roman pillar on the beach of Sarandë.

Sarandë, which is also often referred to as Saranda, is the most popular Albanian seaside resort on the Mediterranean. It is located diagonally opposite the Greek island of Corfu. You can stroll the boulevard after a day at the beach. The Monastery of the Saints is a special ruin. Not much was left of it after bombardments, but the frescoes are unique. Note the pillar on the beach of the Romans.

Albanian Alps

Theth National Park in Albania.

The Albanian Alps in the north of Albania are very worthwhile. Much of it is protected in two national parks. These are the rugged Theth National Park and the equally beautiful Valbona Valley National Park. You will see mountains, glaciers and rivers. The highest peak is the Maja e Jezercës, with an altitude of 2,694 meters. The brown bear and other animal species such as lynx still live in this part of the Alps.

Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid is partly in Albania and in North Macedonia. Albania has a river that drains the water from the lake. You will find various sandy beaches to relax in. And the pleasant town of Pogradec. Just north of the lake is the Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park, where you can hike well.

Visit Albania

You can easily make a tour through Albania. You can fly to Tirana and rent a car. All major rental companies are located in Tirana. They also offer good insurance if you want. The roads are okay, but you have to be careful. Except in the mountains you really have to pay attention, because the roads there are in lesser conditions. But if you drive quietly there is nothing to worry about.

All 1 Bucket List Tips in Albania