Bornean Orangutan

The Intriguing Great Apes of Asia

The orangutan is a magical animal. Many people go to Asia to see this anthropoid ape. It is possible in a rehabilitation center or in the wild. You'll be amazed of this animal.

Multiple species of orangutans

Many people are unaware that the orangutan are actually two different species. The Bornean orangutan lives on Borneo (both the Malay and Indonesian part), while the Sumatran orangutan lives on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Both species fight for survival.

The differences

Ask on the spot about the differences between the two types. The various guides can explain it to you. Although I noticed on the spot that not everyone is aware of the two types. And to be fair, they cannot be seen with the naked eye. The Latin name is pongo pygmaeus.

Best places to see a Bornean orangutan