Relatively unknown archipelago where the bungee jump was invented

Vanuatu is relatively unknown. However, this country has a rich culture. Which you can easily discover on your journey. The population is very friendly. Vanuatu is a group of islands that many travelers know little about. It is located in Oceania. But a large part of the 83 islands has been inhabited since 2000 BC. Partly for this reason, it has a rich culture that is different from the surrounding islands. In combination with its rich nature, Vanuatu is a special place to visit.

The islands have a number of unique attractions. Including Mele Maat Cascades, a waterfall in the jungle. Vanuatu is of volcanic origin and is remarkably mountainous. It has a tropical climate, so you can swim here. Snorkeling is also one of the popular activities. Just like diving. And this is where the bungee jump was conceived. Although that looks very different from what we know now.

Vanuatu has the world's first underwater post office

In 2017 the first post office opened underwater. Here you can drop off a letter as a snorkeler or diver. On land you can buy special letters for underwater. It sounds a bit strange, but it's a lot of fun. Ask on the spot when the post office is open. The archipelago is located in Melanesia, east of Australia and west of Fiji. You can easily visit Vanuatu with these countries.

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