This country is a nice mixture of Europe and Asia

Turkey is a very diverse and intriguing country. Istanbul is the only city in the world that's on two continents: Asia and Europe. It's a great sample of all the riches Turkey has to offer. It's a country with as many cultural treasures as natural wonders, that you must really take a tour to see it all. 

The city of Istanbul is mostly what draws people for a city trip, and its inhabitants are proud of the many old buildings there. Turkey itself is a beloved destination for sun lovers every year, but it’s also good as a cultural experience.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you visit Troy, Nemrut Dagi or Hierapolis. And nature lovers are fans of the Cappadocia area, great for walking. Another highlight are the travertine (a mineral deposit) terraces with their bright blue thermal waters.

There’s so much to see all around the country, many people choose to make a round trip. You can do this easily on your own. Of you can travel with a tour company.

All 1 Bucket List Tips in Turkey