Celebrate carnival in Trinidad and Tobago

Het op een na grootste carnaval ter wereld en het grootste carnaval van de Cariben

Carnival is celebrated very exuberantly on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. The festival lasts no less than a week.

Off the coast of Venezuela you’ll find the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. They celebrate carnival in a huge way, for an entire week.

There are two days with the main activities. With exuberantly dressed residents and various acrobatic participants. Including the famous waders.

The annual Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is a very colourful you can even participate. Which will easily work with the exciting music you hear all day.

The colourful Carnival on Trinidad and Tobago.

The capital Port of Spain

Especially the capital Port of Spain is all about the celebration. Exuberant music, bright colours and festive parades paint the town red. Thousands of people take to the street to party.

The start of the carnival

The carnival started at the end of the 18th century. It was because of the French who first hosted the party. Everyone on the islands is now celebrating. The festival is held every February. The weather is lovely, so prepare for a tropical carnival.