Tonga is a Polynesian island nation, and it has become known as a whale paradise. Here you can join these majestic animals for a swim (or a snorkel).

Humpback whales (which can be between 15 to 20 meters long) come here every year to leisurely spend the winter in Tonga’s warm water. They are mostly mothers with their young. Researchers say swimming with the animals does not bother them at all.

Better yet, they’re intrigued by tourists. They’re obviously free to move away from us, but they tend to come closer for a better look. This offers an ideal situation to admire them up close, so a guided tour is absolutely worth it.

Tours are tightly monitored by the government to ensure they don’t cause the whales any stress.

How do I get there?

Whale tours are operated from the harbour in Vava’u, and they are also offered from other islands in Tonga.

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