Small kingdom in southern Africa with many traditions

Swaziland, also known as eSwatini, is a small but special kingdom, rich in traditions. The tiny nation is in between South Africa and Mozambique and it’s an ideal place to stop when you’re touring southern Africa. Many people visit Swaziland in combination with South Africa. 

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

Most tourists visit the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. In Mlilwane you can stay in traditional huts, with several wild animals roaming around at night. This means you’ll wake up to the typical sounds of Africa in the morning. It’s easy to spot several species of antilope here, and guineafowl as well. These are exciting encounters.

Slane National Park

The country has other nature reserves. The most famous is Slane National Park, which is a bit more off the beaten track. It boasts more predators, like lion. You can go on a safari in a jeep to spot them. It is worth the drive.