See the largest migration of antelopes

In South Sudan, a natural phenomenon was recently discovered by scientists

The largest migration of antelopes occurs, somewhere in a relatively unknown part of Africa. This natural spectacle was only recently discovered by scientists. Millions of kob antelopes flock to fertile soil every year when the rains have fallen.

This phenomenon happens in South Sudan, a place ravaged by civil war. But remarkably, the animals have endured this well. There are still hundreds of thousands who complete the migration in South Sudan every year.

The annual migration of the kob (an antelope species) is one of the largest natural spectacles on earth. The animals migrate from Bandingilo National Park to Boma National Park and back again.

You can witness the greatest migration of animals in Africa. ©UNEP Sudan

Where can I see this?

The antelopes migrate every year from the relatively unknown Bandingilo National Park to the slightly more famous Boma National Park and back again.

Tourism in this country is slowly picking up. The endless plains of South Sudan are ideal for a safari that is different from anywhere else in Africa. But absolutely worth it.

Check in advance how safe a trip to this part of the world is, because unrest has broken out several times in this country in recent years.