South Korea

A wonderfully modern country in Asia

We know South Korea for its big brands like Samsung and LG. This country is very popular for electronics. Which is a big contrast to the countryside. Travel is easy. And soon you leave the big cities you’ll be off the beaten track.

South Korea is fascinating due to their diverse cuisine. But it’s not for the faint hearted. There are regular videos on YouTube of live cuttlefish being eaten by South Koreans. They also have dogs on the menu. And much more that we don't know about. Not everyone is charmed by this country because of its cuisine.

The country is astounding with their unlimited supply of electronics and high tech gadgets. Everywhere you look people are walking with new gadgets. Here the younger population are hip in their dressing and hairstyles. Which can be seen in Seoul, but also in Busan (the second city of the country).

You can easily discover South Korea by yourself with high-speed trains connecting the country. The traffic is chaotic, but also a real experience. 

All 1 Bucket List Tips in South Korea