Iguazu Falls Helicopter Tour

Experience these amazing waterfalls from the sky

The best way to see Iguazu Falls is on a helicopter tour. The best way to experience this spectacle of nature is from the air. From there you will see how the water violently works its way down into the depths. Notice the mist and check to see if there are any people on top of the waterfall, or in a boat on the river.

What is the Iguazu Falls helicopter flight like?

You can book this excursion at the various hotels in the area. This excursion is not cheap, but it is very special. The pilot makes a few laps, so that everyone in the helicopter can see the natural spectacle. Keep in mind that the helicopter must stay at a reasonable distance from the falls, but you'll get a wonderful picture of the whole landscape.
You can even see the people who visit the falls on both the Brazil and Argentina side. Especially on the Argentina side you can see how you actually walk on the rising water.

How long is the Iguazu Falls helicopter tour?

The flights are very short: Usually only 10 to 15 minutes. So be prepared. You ascend relatively close, this means you don't have to fly far before the falls come into view.

Best spot on the helicopter

The best place on the plane is, logically, in the front. You can indicate this in advance, but you usually do not get a guarantee. In other words, you have to pay attention when boarding and make sure that you let the pilot know your wish quickly.
More information: www.helisul.com