Iguazu Falls Full Moon Tour

See Devil's Throat in beautiful moonlight

Those who want something different can visit Iguazu Falls at a full moon. It is a special excursion in the evening, or rather night. Where you visit the waterfalls with a guide. The Full Moon Walk happens on days with enough moonlight.

What does the Iguazu Falls Full Moon Walk looks like?

Every month at full moon, there are organised moonlit walks from the visitor center on the Argentinian side. To the Devil's Mouthand more. Led by a guide, you take the train to the various footbridges. Soon you will see the waterfall looming in the moonlight, the moon reflects in the water. If you look closely you can also see the stars.
This walk can only be done on the Argentinian side. Which is also the best side for this tour, because you can get very close to the water. You will eventually walk to the world famous Devil's Mouth.
The sounds of the falling water are then even more intense. This trip is a real addition after a daytime visit to the waterfalls, and one hundred percent different. Ask for the possibilities on the spot. Be quick, these excursions are popular. So it might be smart to book it in advance.