Carnival on the Seychelles

Unique celebration combining the different kinds of carnival from around the world

Carnival on the Seychelles. This one is a mixture of all the carnival celebrations from around the world. It has lots of bright colours and exciting music.

Spanish participants in the parade on the Seychelles. ©Corno van den Berg

It’s the carnival of carnivals. That’s how the Seychelles, an archipelago with hundreds of islands, like to promote it. It’s where the different kinds of carnivals unite and combine, to showcase their respective cultures. All countries are invited to join in.

Carnival in the capital Victoria

The party even reaches the beaches. ©Corno van den Berg

It’s not quite world famous yet, and it takes place in the tiny capital of Victoria, which bursts at the seams when it’s on. The people of the Seychelles are partying, and they’re keen to share the joy.

Of course the kids join in the carnival festivities. ©Corno van den Berg

When is the Carnival on the Seychelles?

The annual party is usually celebrated in April. It’s a three-day tropical dance party, and it’s a unions of different kinds of carnival from around the world. There are the scantily clad dancers from Brazil, famous artisans from Notting Hill, and of course plenty of musicians of the people of the islands in the Indian Ocean.

But also countries that you wouldn’t know celebrate carnival, such as Sweden. And even Zimbabwe.