San Marino

Small enclave in the middle of northern Italy

San Marino is much more rugged than people think. The highest point of the country is Monte Titano, which is 749 m above sea level. Monte Titano has three peaks, with one of three famous towers of San Marino on top.

Lovely San Marino is a microstate surrounded by the mountains in the north of Italy. This independent state is in the Apennine Mountains. It’s very small, just over 16 km2, and the oldest existing state in the world.

The three famous mountain peaks of San Marino are ideal for hiking and walking. And they’re even on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as is the historic city centre of San Marino.

The residents of San Marino are inherently Italian of origin, and they live to a remarkably old age, on average they make it to 81,5. Men here even have the highest life expectancy in the world.