Plane spotting at Maho Beach

Get literally blown away by planes taking off

Right next to the runway of Saint Martin's airport, there’s Maho Beach. It is right under the flight path of the planes taking off and landing, so they fly extremely low here. When they take off, they expel jet blasts, which can literally blow you away.

The airport of Saint Martin.

Wie wil ervaren hoeveel lucht een Boeing 747 verplaatst moet naar Sunset Beach. De vliegtuigen bulderen op slechts enkele meters boven je hoofd, terwijl jij lekker in het zand zit. Onbewust buk je, al heeft dat weinig zin.

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When you land at the airport of Saint Martin you nearly touch the water when you touch down, then suddenly the runway appears. That’s why this is one of the top-ten most dangerous airports in the world. The runway starts just where the beach ends.

If you’d like to experience the gusts of wind a Boeing 747 can create, you should het to Maho Beach. The planes fly right over your head while you’re sitting in the sand, so close that you’ll feel inclined to duck, even though you really don’t have to.

But the most exciting thing here are when airplanes take off. When they accelerate to take to the skies, you literally get blown away if you don’t hang on to the fence!

Obviously, there is a lot of footage from this beach of people getting blasted by jet engines. And it’s not without dangers, people have gotten injured here, and recently someone fatally hit their head after being blown over. So do be careful when you sit down to enjoy the beach. There’s a beach kiosk nearby where you can find the landing and take-off times.