Unique Caribbean island with a Dutch influence

The island of Saba is unique in many ways. It’s great for hiking and with the highlight (and highest point) the delightful forest on Mount Scenery. Divers and snorkelers can discover one of the nicest coral reefs in the Caribbean off the coast of Saba.

Saba is something else. It’s an island with a tropical coral reef and a proper mountain: Mount Scenery. Its peak that seems to rise straight out of the ocean is incredibly green. And lots of fun to explore.

Supposedly Columbus was the first white man to chart the island, back in 1493. Though there is nothing to prove that he really set foot on the island.

Columbus named the island San Cristóbal and wrote about it in his logbooks. It’s possible that this is where the island’s current name comes from. It could be that he wrote it as an abbreviation, ‘St Bal’, which then morphed into Saba.

How to travel to Saba?

Saba ligt zo’n 30 kilometer ten zuidwesten van Sint Maarten. Het heeft een eigen vliegveld, dat bijzonder is omdat het schuin is aangelegd. zodat je bij het landen tegen de berg op landt en bij het opstijgen naar beneden rijdt om extra snelheid te krijgen…