Saba is something else. It’s an island with tropical coral reef and a proper mountain: Mount Scenery. Its peak that seems to rise straight out of the ocean is incredibly green. And lots of fun to explore.

Supposedly Columbus was the first white man to chart the island, back in 1493. Though there is nothing to prove that he really set foot on the island.

Columbus named the island San Cristóbal and wrote about it in his logbooks. It’s possible that this is where the island’s current name comes from. It could be that he wrote it as an abbreviation, ‘St Bal’, which then morphed into Saba.

How do I get there?

Saba is about 30 kilometres south-west of Saint Martin island. It has its own airport, which is kind of special due to its position on the slope of a mountain. This means when you land, you land uphill, and when you take off, you take off downhill, which increases the airplane’s the speed…