Review: Rookburgh with the unique roller coaster F.L.Y. in Phantasialand

In this new themed world you will become one of the first aviators in the world

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You've heard of the large theme parks. They allow you to live in a fantasy world. Or more accurately they are themed realms, in which you can literally dive into another world. Sometimes you walk around in awe with your mouth open. 

I’ve heard the brand new Rookburgh in Phantasialand in Germany is unique. The moment you enter, you will be transported back in time to the days of the pioneers in flying. It’s high time to take a look, but more especially to experience Phantasialand. For a travel journalist like me, this was a unique era. Maybe even a revolutionary time. And yes, I would have preferred to live back then. 

A view of Rookburgh in Phantasialand. ©Corno van den Berg

Can Man Fly?

Of course, there was the uncertainty of whether flying was even possible at all. It was dangerous, as man had never flown before. You had to believe in it as well, as not everyone thought it was possible. But the thought that man can fly is magical, isn't it?

The first flights of these daredevils altered history. As well as traveling as we are accustomed to now. Flying has now become a norm. Although flying at Phantasialand is still an exhilarating experience. Where you get to feel the rush of adrenaline.

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Rookburgh Explorers Society

As a guest you can enter the Explorers Society. In other words, a discoverer, that is perfect for me. But becoming an explorer is only for those who spent the night at Rookburgh. Despite the fact that I have no idea what to expect. That sounds like a lot of fun.

When you stay at Rookburgh as a guest, you become a member of the exclusive Rookburgh Explorers Society. In addition to your overnight stay in a real aeronautical cabin, you will receive breakfast and a 3-course dinner in the exclusive Uhrwerk restaurant.

In addition, as an Explorer you have exclusive access to Bar 1919. The Rookburgh pack not only includes your aeronaut briefing, but also admission to the park and a quick pass for the F.L.Y. roller coaster. There is an exclusive entrance for F.L.Y. which is only for hotel guests of Charles Lindbergh.

The Roller Coaster Flies Past The Hotel

My aeronautical cabin in Rookburgh. ©Corno van den Berg

Amusement parks are a great way to unwind. Usually for a day, but it can also be for several days. The entrance to the hotel is not a typical hotel entrance. The check-in is built entirely in the style of the historic past. The information folder makes me a pilot in training. And I’m curious to know more about how the pilots lived in that era.

It is fantastic to be able to spend the night in a hotel where the roller coaster flies right past your window. This is an amazing experience, because you spend the night in a specially fitted cabin. It looks like the cabins used by the pilots before they went on a flight. Despite the fact that they are slightly adapted to modern times.

References to the past can be seen everywhere in the room. As an example, there are cool aviator glasses. I can see the roller coaster go by from the shower. I also hear screams. I am curious to know how I'll feel when I step into the roller coaster.

Hotel Charles Lindbergh

I spent the night in Hotel Charles Lindbergh. ©Corno van den Berg

The hotel has the same name as Charles Lindbergh. In 1927, he was the first pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic from America to Europe. I can see an image of Amelia Earhart from my hotel room. In January 1935, she was the first person to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean. Earhart disappeared years later without a trace during a flight over the infamous Bermuda Triangle. What happened to her is still not known.

A tribute to Amelia Earhart in Rookburgh. ©Corno van den Berg

The Theme World Is A World On It's Own

As you enter the theme area of Rookburgh the details stand out. With colourful advertisements from that era. The first man-made machinery can also be seen here. A classic car as an example. Here and there steam rises out of the ground. I hear machine sounds all over the place. This theme world let you step back in time approximately a hundred years ago.

An automobile from times long past. ©Corno van den Berg

Get Some Liquid Courage at Bar 1919

Bar 1919 is located on the hotel’s lower deck. This amenity is only available to guests who are staying the night in the hotel. When you enter, the dozens of taps with various beers stand out. You can taste 15 different types of specialty beers. There are also various cocktails, including one that is served in an unusually large bowl. It is filled with dry ice, so when the bartender pours the drink on it, it creates a mist.

The cool interior of Bar 1919.

The bar is a perfect place to relax. Or to prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride the next day. You can also read the exclusive Rookburgh newspaper here with the latest news. Yes, I'm already getting into the spirit of things. And I’m already hungry for the roller coaster ride, but also for some food.

Eat In Style at Restaurant Uhrwerk

A dinner table at Uhrwerk.

The restaurant Uhrwerk offers freshly made food. Each dish is handcrafted in an artisanal way. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fresh fruit, pastas, fresh dips, and steak burgers are available. During the day it is open to the public, but in the evening only the Explorers can dine here. Yes, I do feel very privileged. Now I feel I am ready for the adrenaline of the roller coaster.

The Unique Roller Coaster F.L.Y in Rookburgh

The Roller Coaster F.L.Y. in Rookburgh. ©Corno van den Berg

The creators of Phantasialand take a bird's eye view to the next level. The roller coaster F.L.Y lets you fly like a bird through the new themed world. It is a Flying Launch Coaster, with a fast launch. Although I still don't know exactly what it means. But I definitely want to experience it, because I love thrilling experiences and the rush of adrenaline. Especially when it comes with a good story, like this one.

A view of the roller coaster F.L.Y. ©Corno van den Berg

The procedure is straightforward. You sit upright and secure your body with restraint. This applies to your legs as well. Upon take off you will be lifted into the air. My feet suddenly dangle in the air. Gradually I start to lean forward more and more. Then suddenly you zoom off, like a bird with a jet engine. I feel the wind all over me.

I am suddenly reminded of the words of a friend. "Leave your arms loose!" It does indeed give you that feeling that you are floating. You hang forward but it's safe because you’re strapped in. My arms fly through the air and follow the twists of the roller coaster. This must look crazy, even though I am going at top speed past the people below me. And when people see me, they see the joy on my face.

Longest Flying Roller Coaster In The World

The entrance of Rookburgh. ©Corno van den Berg

The statistics are impressive. The roller coaster is more than 1,200 meters long, making it the longest flying roller coaster in the world. It has two inversions. The maximum speed is 78 km. Whilst waiting in the queue you get information about the ride and the lives of the first pilots in the world. So that you really get into the spirit of Rookburgh.

See how the roller coaster flies through Rookburgh. ©Corno van den Berg

You fly over places where other visitors walk. Because of this, you have to go through a metal detector to ensure that nothing falls on someone's head. Your phone is also not permitted; it must be stored in a locker alongside the rest of your belongings. That's a shame because it means I won't be able to make a video. However, the advantage is that you get a more intense experience.

The kick from the ride goes through every molecule in my body. Okay, so this could have never been shown properly in a video. In addition, it is nice not to know what to expect. Something I’ve experienced a lot on this trip. It's a sensational feeling.