Luxury and fun in the desert

You rarely hear anything about Qatar. Yes, if they suddenly start organizing the World Cup of Football. The peninsula borders Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. You will find mainly desert here, where Arab culture flourishes.

Qatar is an emirate on the Persian Gulf. The country is not very big, but it has great wealth because of oil. And the Qataris have put in a lot of effort to develop the country. These are the best tips for your trip.

Due to the desert climate,  summers are hot and winters warm. Think of more than 40 degrees in summer and 25 degrees in winter. It is mostly dry, so flora and fauna are not in an abundance. That said,  the Arabian oryx is the national animal of the country. Which you might see on your trip. And you can also encounter ostriches in the wild here, surprisingly enough.

The country has several attractions. The country has a wide variety of highlights and experiences. In addition to various museums, there are traditional markets to visit. But the most interesting are spectacular activities such as a 4 × 4 desert safari and camel races. A real gem is the rich underwater world. Divers are visiting Qatar more and more. You'll understand when you go into the water.