Playa Puerto Nuevo

Wonderful beach in Puerto Rico

Playa Puerto Nuevo is a wonderful beach in Puerto Rico. This unique beach is protected from the oncoming waves by rocks, making it nice and sheltered. Locals climb up the rocks to crash into the waves.

The dangerous waves

Visiting Playa Puerto Nuevo in Vega Baja is unique. Rocks protect a part of the beach from the oncoming waves, and when a huge wave hits the rocks it offers up a spectacular show of waterfalls cascading into the shallow water by the beach.

It’s a fantastic experience when the sea is rough and the waves hit the rocks to cascade down into the sheltered shallow water at the beach. Wild weather will result in spectacular videos and photos. Playa Puerto Nuevo and the shallows remain calm even when there are lots of waves. You can hang on to the rocks and wait for a wave to hit.

Also beautiful with calm weather

But when the weather is calm this is also a great beach with clean, warm water. Though you do hope for one of those big waves.

Location of Playa Puerto Nuevo

It’s located in Vega Baja on the island of Puerto Rico.