Dark Hedges

Unique tree-lined road in Northern Ireland

Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland are world famous. This road at Ballymoney became known on social media like Facebook and Instagram. In recent years, it was also used as the Kings Road in the hit series Game of Thrones. After which the low overhanging trees became world famous.

A visit to the Dark Hedges is an absolute must. This road with ancient beech trees is always beautiful, as well as sinister. Plan your trip well so that you are not one of the many tourists.

The Origin of Dark Hedges

The trees you see are ancient beech trees. They were planted by the local Stuart family in the eighteenth century. The plan behind the trees was to impress visitors as they approach the entrance. Behind the trees, you will find their Georgian home 'Gracehill House'. Which is also worth a visit.

Two centuries later, the trees still impress, maybe even more than ever. The trees are true works of art, which hang half over the road.

Best Time for Photos

Almost everyone who visits The Dark Hedges takes one or more photos. To be fair, this is an extremely photogenic place. The best time is early in the morning when the soft light from the side falls through the trees. Nightfall is also perfect.

Northern Ireland doesn't always have sun, but if the weather forecast is good, it's best to go when the sun is shining. Avoid the moments when the sun is highest in the sky, because it is very busy with tourists. In fact, buses are regularly full. And your photos aren't as good.

Hiking around Dark Hedges.

Occasionally it snows. Which gives the photos a little bit of extra dimension. This is of course difficult to plan. But if you have the chance…

Please note that Dark Hedges is a public road. So it is always 'open'. You can also go for instance by moonlight. But you can always encounter traffic, even if it is marginal.

Visit Dark Hedges

The trees are located at Bregagh Road between Armoy and Stranocum in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. There is very limited parking nearby. If you're on time, your best bet is the nearby Bregagh Road.