A country where time has stood still

Myanmar, previously known as Burma, hasn’t been accessible for tourists for very long, and therefore it hasn’t had much influence from outside its borders. But this is slowly changing.

There hasn’t yet been very much influence from the western world in Myanmar, and many traditions are still followed, so you can really experience the authentic look and feel of this country.

It has resulted in the feeling that time has stood still in this country, you can see monks in red robes, golden temples and untouched natural landscapes. But it also means that you have to prepare well in advance if you plan on visiting here.

You might have trouble withdrawing money with a foreign bank card, access to the internet and wifi is very limited and there is only mobile phone network in a few places, so don’t expect to use your mobile phone like you would elsewhere. You can exchange money at some banks and the exchange rate in the country itself is quite good, so make sure you do this at the right place. It simply pays to do your research before you go.

Make sure you travel with a partner or that people know where you are, and be aware of the current situation in Myanmar when you go. It’s also good to double check that when you pay for things they money does go to those who provided a service.

Is Myanmar worth the hassle? Yes, yes and yes! Go now before it gets too full of tourists, and enjoy the beautiful unspoilt riches of this country. There are so many amazing things to see, such as the temple city of Bagar, a place covered with thousands of temples, best seen from a hot air balloon.

Or visit the former capital Yangon, home of the Golden Temple, also known as the Schwedagon Pagoda, which is covered in gold leaf. And if you’re a nature lover, Inle Lake is the place to be. Myanmar borders Inia, China, Laos and Thailand.

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