Monaco brings many thoughts to mind: it’s a tax haven, home to many sport stars. But it’s also a resort town for the rich and famous, a place to be seen when you’ve got money to spend.

The sight of the luxury yachts in Monte Carlo’s marina is famous, as are the car parks at the casinos. And the most notable cars fly by in the highlight of the year: the Formula 1.

The Principality of Monaco, as it’s officially known as, is quite an experience. It’s the most densely populated country in the world: it’s 1,96 km² in size and has 30.000 inhabitants.

Besides its national soccer team, it has its own soccer club: AS Monaco. They play in French competitions.

The capital is Monte Carlo, great for a city trip when you’re coming from France or Italy, or passing between the two. There is so much to see here.