Land full of dunes with a unique nature reserve

Mauritania is not a popular country to visit in the west of Africa. The country is best known for its capital Nouakchott, the many sand dunes and the bird paradise Parc National du Banc d'Arguin.

A trip to Mauritania is world famous among bird watchers. But the Muslim country has more attractions. A trip to Mauritania is an adventure.


The capital Nouakchott is not one of the most famous in the world. You rarely hear or read anything about it. The White Mosque is one of the city's most beautiful attractions. The town is located on the coast and is popular for its seafood restaurants. You can also visit the fish market, which is wonderfully chaotic and colourful.

Banc d’Arguin National Park

Banc d'Arguin is known worldwide as a bird paradise. This national park in Mauritania is a stopping point for many birds on their way south. Migratory birds in particular come here in their thousands. These are also many birds that come to our country in the summer. Including the whimbrel and numerous waders.
But you will also find countless other birds, which are rare. Such as the swallow-tailed kite, crowned cranes, flamingos, broad-billed sandpipers, pelicans and terns. This immense swamp area is now on the list of World Heritage of UNESCO. In total, more than 2 million birds come here in winter.

The sand dunes of Chinguetti and Ouadâne

A guide in Chinguetti.

The villages of Chinguetti and Ouadâne are located in the middle of the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert. You can also enjoy driving a 4 × 4 through the dunes. It is best to do this with a driver.

A tour of Mauretania

It is best to hire a driver with a car to have you transported for your tour. It is relatively easy to make a trip along all the highlights. Check in advance how safe it is to travel to this African country.