Migration of desert elephants

The animals make their annual trek through the desert in search of water

The annual migration of the desert elephants in Mali is a special natural phenomenon, they walk for hundreds of kilometres in search of water. It’s quite a trek.

The hard life of the desert elephants

There are only a few hundred of these elephants left, and it’s worth paying them a visit to help support their preservation, so have a look at the link below. These animals are used to life in the semi-desert and know where to find water when it’s scarce.

They have to walk hundreds of kilometres to find it. They do this in a group, following the matriarch who leads the herd. She guides them past water sources where these animals have stopped on their migration for centuries.

Mali and Namibia are the only two countries in Africa where you can see the extremely long trek of the desert elephants.

More information: savetheelephants.org/project/the-desert-elephants-of-mali