Relatively unknown, but a diverse country that offers more than the capital Riga

Most people are not familiar with the many highlights of Latvia.  The capital Riga is relatively well known. But there is much more to Latvia which is ideal for travellers who want to explore.

The capital Riga is located in the middle of the country. To the west, Latvia borders the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga, which penetrates the country from the northwest. To the east, Latvia borders Russia and White Russia.

Latvia is about one and a half times the size of the Netherlands. It is easy to travel, although public transport in rural areas is hardly present. The best way to travel is to rent a car. Most roads are in good condition.

In the north, Latvia borders Estonia and in the south, Lithuania. It is quite popular to combine Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania in a tour. These places are recommended to visit in conjunction with Latvia.

Highlights Latvia

The capital Riga is well worth a visit. The city was founded in 1201. Not everyone knows that it was once a Hanseatic city, they traded goods with several German and Dutch cities. This is how the city got rich. The Old Town of Riga is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can wander through the many winding streets with medieval churches and various halls of all kinds of guilds.


This area is located in the west of Latvia. It is still remarkably rural and sparsely populated. An ideal area for walking. The north of Kurzeme is characterised by forests and hills and is affectionately called the Switzerland of Kurzeme by its inhabitants.


This area to the north is very hilly. The Gauja River flows through this region and the popular Gauja National Park is also found here. Vizdeme has the highest point of the country; the Gaizinškalns (310 meters).


This centrally located, flat area is very fertile. The River Lielupe with its many tributaries runs through Zemgale, criss-crossing the landscape.


If you are looking for adventure, visiting this part of Latvia is recommended. This area is rarely visited by tourists. Latgale is by far the poorest part of Latvia. People in Latgale are still very much focused on Russia. Latgale has countless lakes, marshes and rivers.