Rough and untouched country, a mecca for nature lovers

Kyrgyzstan is not a standard travel destination. However, the country in Central Asia is very suitable for an adventurous trip. As the traders used to do along the Silk Route. Think of unprecedented high mountains, bright blue lakes and friendly people.

The nature in this country varies in huge lakes, green hills, rugged mountains, forests and canyons. Kyrgyzstan is a paradise for nature lovers. With a striking number of wild animals. They do not show themselves easily, but with a little luck you will see a lot.

Animals of Kyrgyzstan

Recently, the country has even become known as the mecca to see one of the most unique animals on earth in the wild; the snow leopard. For example, many brown bears, wolves and lynxes also live here. But also other wonderful animals, such as the Marco Polo sheep. For example, where the snow leopard hunts.

In Kyrgyzstan, the population maintains the traditional nomad culture. And with pride. Nomad families still go into the mountains with their families and livestock (mainly sheep) to spend the summer there. In the country, hunting with the golden eagle is still common, something you can see in various places in Kyrgyzstan.